The offer is super simple. Come home - all the way home - now. Feel at home in your world, your job, your mind and your body. That is what I call home and from there I am calling you...

Are You At Home – At Home?

Home is the place where you are safe, where you rest and recharge the batteries. Imagine living in that place. Imagine that wherever you are, you are at home in peace and quiet. Calm and collected in whatever circumstance. That place is where I offer the ticket to.

Tantra is unlike therapy and processes

If you are familiar with the therapy you know that often you need to go through the whole alphabet fra A-Z to get to the solution. It takes time and effort. Tantra takes another path. Tantra simply skips all the endless calculations and go straight to the final goal.

Tantra is not a path - it is a jump. Tantra offers direct experience with an alternative reality. The real one :-)

Imagine that you were able to experience the world without using words, labels - without having any opinion on it. Enjoy the sunset without calling it a sunset. Making love without calling it sex. Enjoy your body without having any opinion about it. Would it make difference?

Join the party

Tantra offers direct access to the experience of the very essence of your being. That which you, in reality, are - the eternal flowering, expanding joy. 

With tantra, you'll see the world from a brand new angle. You probably don't know it - but you will recognize...

The Long Term Effect

Having experienced your true nature will have a profound effect on your life. The immediate bliss will last a few days or maybe weeks, but something fundamental will have shifted in you. You will know that home beyond words - beyond duality - exists, you will have been there and you will start to slowly and securely work your way back towards enlightenment

Change? Yes Please

Tantra is the end of the search and the beginning of the journey. Tantra will provide you with the map from which you can plot a course and enjoy the view as you start really to enjoy the journey this life has to offer.

My Story

I am born a sex guru... :-) NOT!

Truth be told, my path towards tantra was born out of being anything but a super cool sex guru. As a matter of fact I was a bit awkward in that department - I really did not have the manual to my body and to sexuality and intimacy. I only knew one thing - I knew there had to be something I did not know, and I set out on the path to find out what that was.

Initially, my search was sexual, I figured that with 1000 of years of repression of the body there had to be more in it. But as I got deeper and deeper into tantra and seeing the world from within I realized the true price - a truly spiritual experience of living.

Today I Know

And I know there is nothing to know. Nothing to remember. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to plan for. Nothing to wait for. It's all here and now and it's far far better words can ever express. Knowing is a dance and it's a joy and it can be yours too... it's so easy...

When I make love I don't have a favourite position that always works... I have 10.000 positions that always work. Because it is not the position it's the attitude. 

I know that tantra can be the door that opens the life you dream about – let me show you where the key is.


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