The Lovely Haze of Baby Days

Independent Publisher: Little Otter Press→

The Lovely Haze of Baby Days

Independent Publisher: Little Otter Press →

The Lovely Haze of Baby Days is a playful tribute to the chaos of motherhood and life with babies. 

Have you ever felt exhausted and overwhelmed, navigating your life with a baby? 

This book is the result of me having those feelings. When I realized how many of my mama friends were quietly struggling too,  I was frustrated. Why weren't there more ways we could show the endless love and support we have for each other? Why do we hide our fears and doubts, when we are struggling with the same things every day?

This honest book, brimming with touching and playful baby realities, was created for expectant moms and those who are already figuring life out with their babies. Even seasoned moms will appreciate the importance of this message and relate.

As the conditions surrounding the current pandemic continue, isolation is making maternal struggles with loneliness, anxiety, and depression an even bigger battle. My hope is this book will remind us that we are not alone in motherhood.  

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    The Book

    The Lovely Haze of Baby Days was written for moms with babies. So, to be sure this book is durable enough to survive the rough handling of babies and toddlers, it will be printed as a premium quality board book. 

    This is a new kind of board book, featuring beautiful illustrations depicting everyday moments moms share with their babies with a witty, but candid text for the reader, mama! It gives little ones an early introduction to language through rhyme, and for mothers is a book of solidarity, to help them get through the tough days and the sleepless nights. 

    Using humour and relatable moments, we've tried to capture the reality of motherhood in a fun and engaging way. These are moments all moms will recognize and relate to.


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