Welcome to the Sunbird Creations where you can browse and shop for beautiful hand made jewellery and giftwares. 

Helen works with silver, copper and gemstones to create unique jewellery pieces, gifts and home decor, whilst Phil works with stained glass, creating beautiful windows and themed decor items. 

We work in a home studio in our lovely house in the peaceful village of Vejringe, on the island of Falster, in South Eastern Denmark. We also spend much of our time in the north of England. 

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss commissioned pieces.

Helen Crowther

Ten years ago, after a career in finance over many years, Helen changed direction and followed a long-held interest in jewellery, studying Jewellery Manufacture and Design part-time at the Ruth Prowse School of Art, in Cape Town, South Africa. 

This brought together her interests in art, design, jewellery and chemistry - alchemy of interests developed over the years which crystallized in learning the skills of working with metals, gemstones and hand tools. Suddenly her husband Phil had competition when visiting a hardware store as Helen is always on the lookout for the right hammer or useful tool to make use of in her manufacturing. Developing the skills needed to work with metals, like most things in life, takes practice and coming to this quite late in life, developing the dexterity for jewellery making has been a challenge, albeit a rewarding one. 

Phil Crowther

Phil spent many years as a Mining Surveyor in Namibia, designing mining layouts for underground tunnelling. As Phil's career was in mining, he naturally has a good deal of knowledge about rocks and minerals, their formation and the landscape they are found in. 

Having found a new direction since his retirement, Phil enjoys working with high-quality stained glass. Designing the layout to create an image and cutting the glass to shape requires patience and skill that Phil has developed over many years in other fields and can now use in this creative way. Phil designs and makes large stained glass windows as well as smaller decorative items. His designs are clear and uncluttered and are based on the natural world of animals and insects.  

Phil is also the chief cook and bottle washer of the business as he is able to turn his hand to any kind of DIY, so has become the "Builder of Workshops Extraordinaire!"  Since we have moved between South Africa, Denmark and England, there have been several workshops which Phil has skillfully rebuilt every time. 

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