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Soul guide, Regression Therapy, Energy healing

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What treatment methods do I use?

Regression therapy and coaching. I have a professional and internationally recognized education from the Regression Academy in England, where Andy Tomlinson was my mentor. We spent a lot of time on the training but also on learning from other amazing therapists: Michael Newton (Life Between Lives) and Brian Weiss, who has written a lot of books on regression and past lives. 

Treatment Options 

  • Home visit 2.5-3 hours, which contains all my treatment methods (soul guidance, regression therapy, coaching, inner child therapy, proxy therapy, acupressure, 5 biological laws, etc.). 
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    All treatments are individually adapted your needs. Home visits 2.5-3 hours DKK 1500 in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, Randers and the rest of Denmark.

    • Online calls 1 h 600kr / 80 Euro. If a longer collaboration / process is needed, we will make a plan and a good package solution for you. Here you can read more about my treatment methods

    What is Regression Therapy / Past Life Regression

    Regression therapy covers past lives and also the experiences of this life, some of which are no longer part of our consciousness, but rather our subconscious. The therapy is used to transform conflicts from the past, which disturb us mentally, emotionally and physically. An example from this life could be a phobia, a trauma or a life-threatening situation.

    Which symptoms are the most typical?

    Symptoms may include panic attacks, emotional outbursts, blocked emotions, self-inflicted injuries, unexplained physical pain, or recurring relationship problems.

    Regression therapy also covers many other forms of therapy

    The form of therapy is used to get to the root of the problem and consists of i.a. of body therapy, proxy therapy and inner child therapy to release and transform blockages in a structured and safe way.

    It also involves cleansing the energy field of external energy in the body, which has a health effect, which includes energy fragments, curses and family-inherited energy.

    Regression therapy / past life regression goes further and heals deeper on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels than any other form of therapeutic therapy.

    How do you best prepare for a regression therapy session?

    There are many people who are interested in trying past life regression. Often they are afraid of whether they will be able to see or feel a past life. The best way to begin the process is to start a meditation process. 


    Meditation helps us to better look into ourselves. Through this we begin to feel ourselves and get more in touch with our thoughts and feelings. Likewise, meditation teaches us to be in our body for a longer period of time and like to shut off a bit of what is happening in life outside of ourselves. That process can also help guide us more into our subconscious, and that is very positive, as it is where our soul energy is located the same with our past lives and experiences related to the different lives.

    Meditation and stress

    Stress is a condition that many people in the Western world suffer from. Meditation can help us free ourselves a little from stress on a daily basis, but if we want to release some deeper things, such as phobias, trauma and the like, we need to go more more in depth and use regression therapy. Stress is just the first symptom that indicates that something on a deeper level requires redemption.

    Reincarnation and past lives

    There are many cultures and religions around the world who believe that there is something called reincarnation. Reincarnation means that everyone has a soul that goes back in several different lives and in different bodies, as a woman and as a man. Worldwide, there are over 1 billion people who believe in some form of reincarnation and thereby past lives. From there also comes the word karma.

    What is karma?

    Karma has become a very trendy word in the Western world and it generally means that the energy we send out into the universe somehow comes back to us- in this life or the next. Bad karma, however, can well be stopped if one has made a decision of forgiveness, which is not always easy, as some things that have happened in the past may have left deep traces on the soul level.

    What is a soul journey?

    A soul journey, like past life regression, is a way to go back and see a past life. See what one has done in the past life and whether there is a connection with this life. Regression therapy goes much deeper than a soul journey, as it is not only about seeing a past life, but also about releasing all the blockages that may lie in the soul energy associated with past lives. Those blockages show up in our emotions and thoughts but also in our body in the form of pain or the like.

    Where to get treatment sessions?

    It is so incredibly easy to get treatment from Rasmus as he goes on home visits all over the country. Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, Randers are the places that are most visited, but Rasmus covers the whole of Denmark. In addition, coaching conversations are also offered over skype / telephone / facetime. See the treatment options and prices here


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