We are Siamo Street, the event organizers start-up which is based on social media platforms (IG/FB). We are growing a street style football community and we provide it with three types of football events. The special thing about our street football community is that everyone can play or be part of it no matter of your football interest, skills or knowledge about the game. Street football is freedom. Street football is for everyone.

3 Event formats: 

1. Friendly friendly matches - free of charge events which are made for anyone who wants to play football for fun without any pressure. Perfect opportunity to meet new people and try out activities organized by Siamo Street! 

2.One day tournaments - an event with a sign-up fee to test your skills in a competitive environment. The event is played by the tournament rules with a group stage and playoffs where the winner is getting the prize. Great chance to shine and show off your playing skills for the crowd. Events are video-recorded and commented live + professional photographer is present in the place.

3. Football Festival - a big football tournament with a sign-up fee where teams are competing for great prizes and glory! Players and supporters can experience a great sense of sportsmanship, fun, and competition. The event involves not only a tournament,video-recording and photo shooting but also different football-related contests (juggling or shooting contests etc.) with prizes to the winners and the whole event is assisted by a DJ who creates an amazing atmosphere for all the participants.

The business idea of our project consists of doing a live and social media promotion for youth and sport-oriented brands through our football events, web-platforms and our community, receiving sponsorship deals or payment for our services.

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