NuVa is a small family business that offers curated items that are sustainable and creative, it was started  in the heart of Aarhus in 2020. We try to fill the gap that we think exists around sustainable and creative products. Our vision is to be a driving force towards a more sustainable, quality-conscious and creative everyday life, so that we can create a greener and better future for all of us. We seek to offer creative, environmentally conscious products of high quality. We do this for all those who think about the environment and who want to do something good for our common world, one small step at a time.


We have tried to create a place where we can help others take the small steps towards a more sustainable everyday life while being creative and unfolding. We do not believe that we can save the world from one day to the next, but it is a series of small steps we must take and we can help with that. We therefore offer a selection of products that can help reduce the amount of plastic in our everyday lives and products that are made from recycled materials. See our selection of sustainable products here .


When everyone presses, we all need a way for us to be creative. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves, but one of the ways can be through coloring and painting. We have therefore sought to find a number of coloring books and coloring sets that cater to the adult. Below you can find many hours of entertainment and we provide a complete set so you can get started without having to go out and buy a lot of extra materials. At NuVa you can also find some materials to unfold your children's creativity. See our selection of creative products here .


Part of being sustainable and creative means that you do not use resources unnecessarily. For NuVa, it consists of choosing high-quality products that are made in an ethical and sustainable way. The focus is not only on the finished product that you buy from us, but on the entire product life cycle. The ethical choices that quality and sustainability are, mean not only a lot to us but also to our customers. You will therefore be able to find the perfect gift for family, friends and acquaintances, for whom it is also important that ethics is in place. We try to select and offer products of the highest quality.


Allepo Handmade Soap

Aleppo (Syrian) soap making is the world's oldest form of soap making. The technique comes from the Levant region, and Syrian soap was documented used...

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Bamboo Straws - Simple

Jungle Culture Straws are handmade and harvested individually by local farmers on a small, family-run farm in rural Vietnam. Recyclable bamboo straw i...

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