Lazy Atomic Eye was founded in 2017 in Fredericia, Denmark, where some of us grew up and others - for those relativistically-oriented minds - fell into a black hole and materialised in this place and time.  

We're here - among other reasons - to fulfil the destiny of the muses and bring forward the music that we hope you enjoy.  

We are an eclectic group of individuals, and we draw inspiration from diverse angles and life adventures. It all comes together in the form of a cohesive experience for the listener - as long as the listener is not afraid to be surprised. We are driven and committed to making the music that we feel allow us to leave earthly illusions behind and connect to our inner worlds. 

We invite you to get lost with us.

We are an independent band.

It was a conscious choice, and it allows us to have a full creative and managerial control over our music, style, image and production. It means we write, arrange, record, mix, produce, release, promote and distribute songs on our own, and we pay for all of it from our tiny little pockets (and the pockets of our family ;)).

If you like what we do and you’d like to help us, please introduce our songs to your friends and family, share our tracks on social media and add it to your streaming platform playlist so that others can discover it as well.

You can also choose to support us with a coin, by paying for a digital download of our tracks on Bandcamp or by making a small donation. We appreciate it A LOT, as it enables us to keep on rolling and keep on creating despite tough times.