Photography & Photo Edits (MGMedia)

MGMedia: Video and Photography→

Photography & Photo Edits (MGMedia)

MGMedia: Video and Photography →

Graphic design, branding, marketing and web-development available on a scheduled meeting or via video call, Skype/ e-mail. 

Other Services

  • Video production and edits (AV production)
  • Video for music, sports events + audio rec.
  • Photoshoots (musicians, performers, models, etc.)
  • Art, macro, landscape photography
  • Nightlife photography (with/ without ext. flash)
  • Music and event photography
  • Extreme sports photography
  • Product photography & edits
  • Multicam video production (up to 4 cameras) and edits
  • Design & branding (logos, graphic design, catalogues, etc.)
  • Artist/ performer scouting for music & sports shows
  • SoMe marketing (FB, IG, Li)
  • Web-development and IT support
  • Music video production and edits, behind the scenes (BTS)
  • Live streaming (1-2 cameras + audio)
  • show more...


    • 3D modelling & 3D printing - from idea to 3D printed solution 
    • Landscape and event drone footage (with licensed drone pilot) 
    • Printed promotion on t-shirts, lanyards, hats, etc. 
    • Stop motion videos and post-production.



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