Komorebi Knife - The Complete Set

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Komorebi Knife - The Complete Set

Komorebi Knife →

The UKIYO collection

5 pieces 

Blade material: VG-10 Japanese Steel core 

Blade type: 67 layers of forged Damascus steel 

Handle material: fiberglass-based epoxy resin 

Knifes included in the set: 

EAN: 1369674511120

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    Because it has to endure frequent use, our knives come with a full tang - the length of the blade extends to the whole length and width of the knife handle. This ensures better stability and durability than a partial tang.

    Our fiberglass-based epoxy resin handle is rounded to perfection, following the natural dimensions of your hand. We incorporated a curve in the middle of the handle to make contact with the center of your palm letting you have a good grip. This means that it is significantly more comfortable to hold the knife and easier to work with. The gentle curves at the front and back ensure that your hand doesn't slide forward or backward. For visual appeal we sealed the black & white wave-like pattern with two silver rivets - and for a unique touch we added a beautiful mosaic bolt in the middle.



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