Komorebi Knife - Namu Knife Set, 6 pcs

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Komorebi Knife - Namu Knife Set, 6 pcs

Komorebi Knife →

Namu Knife Set, 6 pcs

The Only Knives You’ll Ever Need. You don’t need a bulky 15-piece set. With a few high-quality knives, you can tackle almost any cooking task your heart desires.

Our sets come in six or five pieces. Each knife is made from premium high-carbon VG10 stainless steel and is thoughtfully designed to feel good in your hand and last a lifetime.

It’s not just our knives that are thoughtfully designed — we carefully curate our knife sets to ensure that you have every knife you need, and nothing you don’t.

Our Features

  • VG-10 Japanese core steel
  • 67 layers of damascus stainless steel
  • 62 HRC hardness

The Namu Signature set consists of the following Komorebi knives:

- Namu Chef's knife   
- Namu Nakiri knife 
Namu Bread knife 
Namu Boning knife 
Namu Utility knife 
Namu Paring knife


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