Komorebi was created with the goal of helping our customers find joy in their kitchen - by using the essential kitchen tool: knives. 

We combine premium-quality Japanese steel with unique & decorative designs to create an outstanding set of knives. 

Each Komorebi Knife is a piece of art and craft, striving to achieve the perfect harmony between cutting performance, aesthetics and sharpening pleasure. 

We cater You with superior sharpness to enjoy the experience with your hands, with your eyes and with your heart as well. Komorebi is your best friend in the kitchen. Just do what you love and let the knives do the rest! We believe that a good product is incomplete without great service. Therefore, our mission does not end with creating a flawless blade. 

Understanding and anticipating Your need is essential. We are committed to responding to all Your queries clearly and quickly, delivering the same high quality in our service as is found in our products. As well as to build a community that shares the same interests and values, to spread great ideas, tips & tricks, and positivity.

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