Joyful Meditation Aarhus offers a wide range of mindfulness-driven courses that empower you to excel in all areas of your life including Professional Development, Leadership Training, Entrepreneurial Workshops, Personal Development, Relationship Workshops, and Group Retreats.

Meditation is easily accessible tool to find inner peace and connect with the wisdom within. It's a process for rising vibration.

Workshop is where you focus your mind with the details of something that you want, and cleaning the false believes around it.

About the facilitator

Katarina started meditating about 15 years ago, and 7 years ago she joined the supervised practices at School of Creation. She stated her teachers training 4 years ago, and she continuously develops herself.

Today, in her work with people, she combines many of the techniques she have learned with the focus on experiencing emotions, feeling the body, following intuition as well as connecting to the Divine within.

She teaches 10 steps process that has roots in practices of ancient cultures. It’s a method of expanding consciousness which results in better connection to yourself and gradual healing of all your humanly aspects by seeing them, acknowledging and accepting.

She co-creates with her husband and live the life she consciously creates on everyday basis. She is both a student and a teacher.

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