Hi! I am Hira. Welcome to my design studio. 

My design studio is a place for the curious, wild-hearted and soulful creative humans to find intuitive, artistic and strategic assistance. I offer brand design & styling, strategy and coaching for the small creative business owners who are longing to live slowly and intentionally on their own terms and in their own way.

I believe in embracing our wild and living our truth out loud in our own unique, messy and human way. You have a story to share and you are worthy of living a creative life. I'm here to help you tell your story in a way that feels more like yours and less like anyone else's. I believe you have all the answers you need within you but sometimes it needs a little bit of uncovering to get to the heart of what is it that you want and I'm here to help you uncover your own version of your creative business, work and life. 

The way I like to put it, 'you are a wildflower that blooms despite the odds and this is the journey of embracing your wild.' 

Read the blog, listen to the podcast, 'Living Your Truth where other creative humans just like you are sharing their stories or sign up to my personal letters to get where I share stories and insights about building a creative work and life practice that would work for you. 

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Make yourself feel at home :)

Work with me 

Creative Workshops, Meet-ups and Community, based in Copenhagen

I am a seeker of quiet and I long to create meaningful conversations through the mediums of design and art. I believe in sharing our stories and learning from each other's experiences. I love hearing and sharing stories of courage, resilience, curiosity and creativity. I am a big believer of the intuitive powers within each and everyone of us. This is why, I create spaces, organise workshops and creative events that bring us closer to our intuitive selves. 

My experience as a Creative Coach has taught me that we all need to embrace ourselves and our stories, find connection and belonging within ourselves first and then with others. With time, I have developed my own practices and art therapy exercises along with meditation that I use when I facilitate a workshop or coach one on one. 

My mission is to empower creatives by helping them in finding a home within themselves. I am on a journey of building a creative work and life practice that works for me. In the process I hope to make other creatives like myself feel less alone and more hopeful in their journey.

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