Writing, Editing and Coaching Services to Inspire Audiences and Empower Individuals. 

Candace Roselyse is an intuitive writer who assists creators and entrepreneurs alike in expressing their valuable wisdom through words. 

With over 8 years of experience writing and editing articles, social media posts, resumes, website copy, and books, Candace collaborates with people in all industries to support them in sharing engaging content with their audience. 

Candace sees writing as not only a form of expression and communication, but as a pathway into the psyche. Therefore, she employs her education in Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching to help other writers in mindset creativity, brainstorming strategy, and idea formation. Living by the belief that everyone is the teller of their own unique story, Candace Roselyse supports individuals in navigating their thoughts and rewriting their internal narratives to match the lives they aspire to live. 

Candace Roselyse offers a range of services to enhance your creative potential, whether you are focused on telling a story, or rewriting your own:

  • CV/ Resume and Cover Letter Support 
  • Website Content and Copywriting 
  • Blog and Social Media Post Writing 
  • Book Ghostwriting and Editing 
  • Writing and Creation Coaching 
  • Internal Narrative Coaching  
  • Interactive Writing and Editing Courses 

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