Full Package Care Support and Birth services by Aude-Aline Birth Doula

Aude-Aline Birth Doula→

Full Package Care Support and Birth services by Aude-Aline Birth Doula

Aude-Aline Birth Doula →


Full Package: 12.000 DK

  • Includes 2 or 3 prenatal visits, 24 hours/7 days a week on-call availability two weeks before and two weeks following your estimated due date.
  • I will stay also during the birth.
  • After birth, I propose 2 or 3 follow-up visits
  • This package includes phone and email support

You can pay in instalments: 2x 6000,- DK or 3x 4000,- DK

If you live less than 20 km from my place, transportation is included, otherwise, there will be travel expenses.

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    Before Childbirth: Prenatal Visits

    I propose 2 or 3 prenatal visits with both parents or the mother only. I come to your place and we can talk about your wishes for the birth, your fears, your questions or any feeling you have and want to share with me.

    It is the time when we discover each other and we will discuss how you would like to give birth. I can help you to prepare a birthing plan for your midwife or give you some comfort measures, breathing exercises and positions for labour and birth.

    If you need it, I can also come with you when you visit your doctor or your midwife. The antenatal meeting is approximatively 2-3 hours.

    During Labour

    24/7 on-call availability during the two weeks before your estimated due date and two weeks following the birth. I will stay with you for the whole of your birth (home birth or hospital). 

    I will be here as a comforting, encouraging and calm guide with you, your partner and the baby. I provide comfort with pain relief techniques that include breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, and labouring positions.

    I also encourage participation from the partner if he wants too. By having a doula it also gives the choice to the father to enjoy this experience and support emotionally the mother even if he doesn't want to have an "active" role during the labour or the birth.

    My goal is to help the parents to experience a positive and safe birth according to their own desire, whether an un-medicated birth or cesarean.

    Postpartum follow-up visit

    I propose 2 or 3 postpartum follow-up visits. All the family will need a very supportive team after birth. I will not only focus on the baby but be there to nurture the whole family.

    I can offer :

    • Breast-feeding support
    • Light housekeeping
    • Assistance with newborn care (bathing, diapering...)
    • Cooking
    • Baby soothing techniques
    • Taking care of the sibling
    • Emotional and physical support (active listening)
    • Referrals to local resources such as parenting classes, paediatricians, lactation support and support groups

    I will always adjust my help to your need.

    Phone and Email Support

    In order to support you making informed-choices, I will make some researches whenever you need a neutral and clear answer. I can be available on the phone if you have any questions. Keep in mind that I have also my family and that I can be reached only after 8:00 pm. If there is an emergency, I will call you as soon as possible.




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