Allepo Handmade Soap


Allepo Handmade Soap

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Aleppo (Syrian) soap making is the world's oldest form of soap making. The technique comes from the Levant region, and Syrian soap was documented used by Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. These soaps are handmade in Jordan and cold pressed for 40 days. They are made exclusively from vegan, sustainable, organic, ethically produced and cruelty-free ingredients.

Currently, you can choose between two different types: - Activated carbon: helps detoxify the skin by removing dirt and impurities. Perfect for acne prone or oily skin. Ingredients: Pure olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, shea butter, natural coal powder, black seed oil, Arkan oil.

- Rose Petal: fragrant, subtle and moisturizing. A wonderful all-round soap to gently care for and enrich your skin.

Ingredients: Pure olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm seed oil, shea butter, rose oil and rose plants.

The story behind:

Jungle Culture has partnered with the Jasmine Center, a women's aid organization in Jordan run exclusively by women Syrian refugees. The center directly supports 30 female refugees, and where possible, they buy all their material from other displaced Syrians.



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