Hello there! I’m Caitlyn, founder of Aeipathy studio.

Ever since I was a little girl you could find me in the forest collecting leaves and flowers to bring home and decorate the table with. I love to spend my time carefully arranging and crafting the perfect setting. 

I never grew out of this underlying passion. I studied Material Art and Design with a focus on sustainability. It was a place where I could use my hands and spacial sense in everything I made, taking a raw material and creating something beautiful from it. Whether it is designing flowers, a photoshoot or an experience, I believe in a holistic approach, where every angle and detail is considered. 

In addition to design, I love teaching and sharing knowledge. The combination of these passions led me to create Aeipathy Studio, a place where I offer my passion for florals, design and teaching all in one.

I’m so happy to share this creative universe with you. 

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